Implantation SCHWERIN

Implantation: SCHWERIN (2010)
wood,metal, blue carbon paper transfer on table: 150x100x80cm.
Exhibition view: Schwerinblicke, Staatlisches Museum Schwerin, April-July 2010

"In his work Implantation RDC he transported
the ground plans of an industrial site over a time
span of 25 years via blue carbon paper on a working
table in an aleatoric, random way.
Table, lamp and setting are a pivotal part of the installation,
showing the bureaucratic development of the
Implantation of the industrial complex.
The French term implantation means colony or settlement.
Its temporal component becomes obvious by the layering of the plans.
Consequentially the artist has now applied the idea to the 850 years of
development of the city of Schwerin.

As a basis for Implantation Schwerin, Manenti has taken a table in the Wilhelminian style.
The traces it bears, demonstrate the temporal aspect in
analogy to the historical development. Through the eight and a half centuries of Schwerin history,
the specific setting of the city, in midst the lakes, remains concisely visible.

In the centre, the carbon copies accumulate into an agglomeration, which seems to render the traces of human
settlements. Seen from apart, they appear as negative highlights, which are acting as witnesses
of the civilisation of electrified cities, when seen nocturnally in birds eye view.

In an inverted archaeological approach, the artist adds aleatorically the plans over each other on a
drawing-board, like the chronological layers of archeological diggings."

(extract from:
Schwerinblicke, Catalogue, Text by Claudia Schönefeld )

Photos: Gabriele Bröcker, Schwerin