Was kann ich für sie tun

Was kann ich für sie tun, (2009)
inkjetprint on Post-its, Ventilators, variable dimensions.
Exhibition view: Galery FMAB, 2009

Was kann ich für sie tun deals with the idealized image of the female in the corporate world. A very large amount of call-center girls and businesswomen photos, produced to illustrate various articles or ads in corporate websites, are collected, printed on post-it notes and pasted all over the walls while two ventilators blow in different directions from the middle of the room. The title of the installation works as a double allusion to the standardized ways of corporate communication in the corporate and to the deception of the feminist movement’s strive to improve the women´s conditions the work force (Was kann ich für Sie tun –with a big S on Sie- means „how can i help you“ and is a common commercial sentence, while the same sentence with a little s on „sie“ means „what can i do for them/her“).