Chronologies: Betriebsferien

Chonologies: Betriebsferien (94-05) 2011-ongoing
Date-stamp on fax paper
4000x30cm (in may 2011)

All the dates a date-stamp can print are stamped on long fax-paper rolls, in a chronological order.
The timelines produced by the use of different stamps are all different in length, not because of the availability duration of these objects -which is often standardized on 12 years- but because of the size of the object itself.

The stamp used in
Betriebsferien subverts the principle of the Chronologies Series: it prints time intervals (in a "from dd/mm/ to dd/mm/yy" format ) rather than single dates. This increases the number of possible combination drastically: listing all the possible time intervals would produce a ridiculously long roll of about 5 km.