Sightseeing grand luxe

Sightseeing grand luxe
wood, metal, plastic. Dimensions of the cart: 145x90x120cm.
Exhibition view: Ich komme später, 91mq art space, Berlin.
(first image´s background, from left to right: Gipfel and videoprojections of Bonnie Lane)

Sightseeing Grand Luxe is an handcart, transporting 2 persons seated on office chairs and pulled by a single man, in order to make a sort of „sightseeing tour“ in the rooms of an office.
Like „Solarium“ in 2008, this work is made of corporate furniture parts, like a hand-made detournement made by the working personal.
The hierarchic relations between the people carried and the person who pulls are ironically commented by the impossibility for the single puller to carry the two „office tourists“ very far...