In my artworks I try to settle the question of sense experience in relation to domination within the social realm. By making hopeless attempts to escape from busy environments and rigid timetables, I produce an instant irony of “vanitas” —a plot of nonsense in domesticated environments— which are seemingly secure but marked by a permanent anxiety.

In the installation Office (2004), a myriad of dates is stamped on a desk, as if a prisoner had lost his sense of reason by making such a calendar. A video sits inside the desk drawer, introducing a comical character who sits with a lamp in the hands on a swiwel chair, like an absurd lighthouse.

In other works, I confront reality itself, by reducing objects to their own representation and putting reality in conflict with its own image. In the recent installation Angenagelt (2008), real plants are pinned leaf by leaf on the wall, drawing a kind of disembodied fresco, reducing itself to a parody —a landscape for waiting rooms, like the last memory of “nature” held on to by modern man.

N. M.